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COVID-19 and Pregnancy

By Mama Strut / April 14, 2020

Researchers are constantly uncovering new information about COVID-19 as they rush to find a treatment and a vaccine for this deadly virus. There are many questions about how it may affect a pregnant woman and her fetus; honestly, it is too early to tell how it affects a fetus compared to the mother. New reports […]

Can Advocating for Your Health Plan Lead to Discrimination?

By Anna Pederson / July 10, 2019

Researchers have been studying what factors may contribute to women experiencing poor hospital visits when giving birth, and have found that refusal of certain procedures leads to discrimination by doctors or nurses. When thinking about what to include in your hospital bag, a birth plan may be a significant part. Detailing aesthetic choices such as […]

Sleep Tips for Pregnancy

By Mama Strut / June 11, 2019

Pregnancy is the beginning of exciting changes in your life and body. Unfortunately, each trimester comes with unique sleep challenges that you’ll need to address. We’ve laid out some sleep tips that are helpful during pregnancy and after along with a break down of the sleep challenges you’ll face in each trimester. Sleep Tips for […]

Veganism & Pregnancy

By Anna Pederson / May 20, 2019

“There’s no stage in life where nutrition matters so much as it does during pregnancy. After all, you’re providing the nutrition necessary to support two lives,” writes Reed Mangels (PhD, RD) at the top of his vegan pregnancy diet guide.

Q&A with Dr. Farzad Mahjoubi: What Every Expecting Mom Should Know About Epidurals

By Jill Bigelow / April 4, 2016

The biggest misconception about epidurals is that the procedure often results in spinal cord injury. Epidurals for labor actually are done at the lumbar level, below where the spinal cord ends. So unless the anesthesiologist is completely off, it’s pretty much impossible to hit the spinal cord during an epidural. Another misconception is that epidurals can cause back pain following childbirth. This may occur if the anesthesiologist hits the spinal column or nerve roots during the procedure. But again, this is a rare occurrence in properly trained hands. Back pain following childbirth usually occurs from the baby’s head passing through the pelvic brim, or from the extra weight carried during pregnancy, weak abdominal muscles or body posture.

How Painful Is Labor? More about Labor Pain.

By Jill Bigelow / April 4, 2016

Maybe it’s the result of Hollywood depicting wild birth scenes or maybe it’s the abundance of unsubstantiated information on the Internet, but many mamas-to-be are developing a deep anxiety about birth – sometimes even months before delivery.