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Mama Strut Retailers

Retailers, Birth Centers and Pharmacies–be among our Mama Strut Retailers offering your mamas the higher standard of postpartum care they deserve and help get new moms back on their feet – comfortably, conveniently and naturally.

Benefits Overview:

The Mama Strut is a wearable soft brace that is uniquely engineered to deliver heat/ice therapy to reduce pain, swelling and cramping from vaginal deliveries, c-sections and vaginal prolapse, while also supporting the back and abdomen with multi-directional and adjustable compression.

The all-in-one shorts and abdominal/lower back support design is adjustable, fits comfortably and discreetly under clothing, and is made with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric for supreme comfort.The Mama Strut offers women increased relief and mobility, as well as the ability to take care of baby without the need for heavy pain medication.

We support our retailers with marketing materials (upon request).
And, because the Mama Strut was classified by the FDA as a Class 1 medical device, it can be reimbursable if billed through select insurance companies – a perk your customers will appreciate.

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