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Mama Strut Maternity

Comfortable, adjustable bracing that supports your lower back and pelvic floor while you wait for your little one's arrival. Add our removable and secure ice or heat packs to provide instant pain relief right where you need it. Mama Strut Maternity Brace is designed to give you peace of pregnancy so you can focus on baby, and not on pain.

Ice/Heat Therapy

Cooling relief right where you need it.

Holds It All Together

Supports your muscles and maintains balance.

Mamas Supporting Mamas

There’s no shortage of expected surprises during pregnancy. Don’t let one of those be a surprise fall. A changing center of gravity, stretched and sore muscles, and not being able to see your feet very well, all increase the risk of a tumble while pregnant. Protect yourself and your baby everywhere you go.

Our Pilot Clinical Study


  • 70% reduction in pelvic pressure

  • 38% reduction in sway velocity

In January of 2019, a pilot study was completed by Dr. Yamashiro, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Havens, Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California.

This study was done to investigate the physiological change a pregnant woman would experience while wearing a Mama Strut Maternity Brace. The test was conducted while ascending and descending stairs to measure pressure and stability.

Increase your balance and peace of mind with Mama Strut Maternity


Mama Strut pregnancy support brace user modeling the brace