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Why Strut?

Why Strut?

strut verb \ˈstrət\ 1 : a structural piece designed to resist pressure
2 : to walk with a proud gait

Mama Strut is the only product on the market that supports all sides of the pelvis including the all-important pelvic floor and allow you to use ice/heat therapy and compression to manage postpartum pain, bleeding, swelling and pressure naturally. Belly bands only support the abdominals and lower back and do nothing to address the damaged pelvic floor postpartum. Girdles and corsets are often very uncomfortable and restrictive and difficult to put on. They are designed to make you “look slimmer” but do not address the real physical support and changes that a new mama’s body experiences postpartum. We hope all mamas focus first on their health and wellness and wait until after they have healed to worry about regaining pre-baby body shape.

The average pregnancy and birth costs between $15,000 to over $60,000 and less than $10 of that is spent on products that naturally support the postpartum healing process. Mama Strut believes a new mama needs and deserves better than the status quo. Make sure you get your strut back with the most advanced care available. What size is right for me?

Mama Strut knows that every delivery and every postpartum is different and that is why Mama Strut is adjustable to accommodate the unique needs of a new mama. Whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section, many stitches, no stitches, prolapse or hemorrhoids, Mama Strut’s multi-directional and adjustable straps combined with the secure yet removable hot/cold gel packs will have you covered. Bring your Mama Strut in your hospital bag and have peace of mind that your aches and pains will have the best possible care and support available.

Mama Strut is Everything Your Body Needs During the 4th Trimester!

  • Abdominal support that shrinks as you do
    Adjustable lower back support that is engineered to stay in place
  • Vaginal/perineum support
  • Ice/heat therapy for the perineum, vagina and hemorrhoids
  • Ice/heat therapy for the lower back (optional accessory)
  • Ice/heat therapy for the abdomen (optional accessory)

Listen to real moms share their postpartum recovery experiences with Mama Strut

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