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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most Frequently Asked Questions and their answer listed below.

Are Mama Strut products covered by insurance?

Yes, more and more insurance companies cover Mama Strut products every day. Visit our insurance page to find out how insurance reimbursement process works and which insurance companies currently provide reimbursement:

Insurance Reimbursement

How Do I Care for My Mama Strut?

Machine or hand wash cold. Tumble dry no heat or lay flat. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Is Mama Strut for C-Section deliveries too?

Yes, Mama Strut has helped many c-section mamas! All mamas appreciate the total pelvic support and adjustable ice/heat therapy no matter how they end up delivering. C-section mamas in particular really love the all-in-one construction which keeps the band from riding or spinning on their tender tummies. The sturdy part of the band should be placed above your c-section incision. We do recommend the abdominal ice/heat accessory pack for targeted pain relief at the incision site.

How long should I wear it?

Postpartum healing is at least 6 weeks so many of our mamas have reported wearing Mama Strut at least that long. Some mamas wear their Mama Strut 24/7, whereas other only wear it when out and about.

We have surveyed our users recently and the average was 4-6 weeks but it really depends on your birth injury.

Every recovery is different and we suggest you wear your Mama Strut until you feel like you do not need it anymore. Also, you should consult with your doctor or midwife for their advice if you are at all unsure.

Can I sleep in my Mama Strut?

Many of our Mama Strut mamas have reported wearing the system 24/7 during their postpartum recovery. If you find that you need the support at night you can wear the Mama Strut in bed. As above, we recommend listening to your body and seeing what feels best for you on your postpartum journey.

What is your exchange/return policy?

If your Mama Strut doesn’t fit, we will happily exchange it for a different size as long as it has not been worn or damaged. Please note: trying the brace on does not disqualify it for exchange but as a medical device we cannot provide exchanges for used/worn products. Items must be exchanged within 30 days of receiving your order. Email for help.

Returns must be received within 30 days of receiving your order. Items may not be used/worn, washed or damaged. Moreover, items must be sent back to us in the original packaging (this includes the extra liner that comes with the brace!). Items returned without the original packaging will not qualify for a full refund and may be subject to restocking fees. Returns that do not meet our policy will be sent back to the customer. Email for help.

*Please Note: When returning an item, the shipping & handling fees incurred at checkout are non-refundable. Moreover, returns are the responsibility of the customer and, as such, the cost of doing so is not covered or reimbursed by Mama Strut.

Do I really need a Mama Strut? 

Ask a Mama Strut Mama and she will tell you that she would not birth again without one. We use supports, braces and ice/heat therapy on every other soft tissue and skeletal injury on the body like knees, ankles and shoulders, so why should the pelvis be any different? Pelvic soft tissue needs the same care that you would provide these other body parts so it can heal as quickly and as strong as possible. This is clinically proven sports medicine technology applied to mama care. Birth may be natural but it is a big deal. You need physical and emotional support during your postpartum recovery journey.

Also, most of our Mama Strut Mamas report not needing heavy pain medication when wearing Mama Strut. Mama Strut uses compression, ice and heat to combat aches, pains and swelling naturally.

I am not pregnant or postpartum but I have pelvic pain,
PSD, pubic symphysis, pubic pain, vaginal support,
pelvic floor support, can it help me?

We have had mamas with pubic separation and diastasis recti and other pelvic dysfunction and pelvic pain benefit from Mama Strut. Mama Strut uniquely supports the pelvis and has ice/heat pouches to manage, pain, swelling, pressure and bleeding naturally.

The vaginal support can be tucked up in a neat pouch we have for it under the binder portion. You may still want to try it as it helps stabilize the hips too.

How can I choose the correct postpartum size
while I am still pregnant?

The Mama Strut comes in XS-4XL, we’ve got you covered mama! 

To find the correct size, measure below the belly and around the hips (picture below) and reference our sizing guide below. Because our sizes overlap, if you are measuring at the top end of a size,  we recommend rounding up to the larger size or buy the extender bands, as there is often swelling after delivery.

Mama Strut Sizing Breakdown

Mama Strut Sizing Instructions

What is your address and tax ID number?

PELV-ICE’s Tax Id # 46-4227793

Address: 1118 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030