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Prepared for Postpartum.

Comfortable, adjustable compression and bracing that supports your sore back and abdominals is combined with 3 multi-directional straps to hold your bits in. Add our removable (but secure) ice or heat packs provide instant pain relief right where you need it. The New Standard of Postpartum Care.

C-Section Friendly

Usable for both vaginal and c-section delivery

Protects Mama

Allows for full healing by supporting the pelvic floor, abdomen, and lower back

Ice/Heat Therapy

Cooling relief right where you need it.

Holds It All Together

No more unpleasant falling out feeling postpartum.

Not Team Bounce Back image explaining how Mama Strut care about full recovery instead of getting a body back.


The Science Behind Mama Strut


We want to give a little depth to the science behind the design for the Mama Strut Postpartum Brace. We applied the sports medicine P.O.L.I.C.E. Method:

PROTECT the pelvis with gentle support that maintains a level of protection and rest of the pelvic floor.

OPTIMAL LOADING allows for gradual loading at the areas affected by pregnancy and postpartum to prevent atrophy. Icing affected areas will help manage swelling and acute pain.

COMPRESSION not only holds ice to the body, but helps new mamas reduce swelling.

ELEVATION contractions and exercise of the pelvic floor help reduce bladder incontinence.

The Five Points of Mama Strut Postpartum Support Illustration




Desirae O, Mama of Two

This has done wonders to help pull everything together, help me feel supported, help my core, help my back. It’s just been amazing really! I remember a few hours after I had him and I was walking around slowly and everything. I had a natural delivery and I asked the nurse, “I feel like I can’t breath” and she was like it may be your organs and everything, because of everything and has been smooshed and is trying to come down. When I put this on, I felt like I could breath and felt a lot better.

Lupe, Mama of Four

I would definitely give the mommies the Mama Strut because it's usually about the baby and we forget to think about mommy. My recovery had to be fast, no matter what I had to recover very fast. With the Mama Strut I was able to do it because I had that backup with me. It will give you the strength that you are gonna need right after giving birth. It's gonna give you that support on your abdomen and your back, it's going to help you in many different ways!