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Get a FREE postpartum & lactation probiotic sample with any brace!

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We're here to support you during your postpartum journey mama! We offer many different bundles and support options in order to provide you with a higher standard of postpartum care.

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Postpartum Support Brace

Your postpartum lifesaver! Mama Strut will help you hold it all together with our postpartum brace, developed by and for…

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Postpartum & Lactation Probiotics

Everything stems from the gut! Our probiotic blend offers full-spectrum support for lactation, digestion, immune support and…

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Accessory Pack


Portable Bidet for Postpartum Care After giving birth, pain and soreness can make it difficult to go to the bathroom.…

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Hydroguard C-Section strips

After a C-section, it’s essential to protect and take care of your incision. Mama Strut Hydroguard strips are clinically proven…

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Organic Postpartum Pads

Why Postpartum Pads? You’ve spent the past 9 months pregnant and without a period, now you’re about the have one…

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3″ Extender Bands

Add 3" to your Mama Strut Postpartum Brace to ensure you're supported during the first days after delivery in case…

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Pelv-Ice Mama Strut Lower Back Accessory Pack

Lower back accessory that easily and securely attaches to the Mama Strut Postpartum Brace. *Gel Pack Included*

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Abdominal Ice/Heat Accessory Pack

Our Abdominal Accessory Pack securely and easily attaches to your Mama Strut Postpartum Brace. We especially recommend this accessory for…

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