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Mama Strut Mamas share how their post birth recovery was less painful, faster, and happier because they were supported by Mama Strut.

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Mama Strut’s Postpartum Support Brace is amazing in every sense of the word. It has inserts for both heating and cooling pads for your vaginal area (and comes with both). The vagina support straps stretch from the front to the back and really make me feel SUPER supported and secure. The best part is, the shorts are attached so it’s perfect for being mobile while healing and taking care of baby.

Erin C.
April 24, 2022

Extra weight has been killing me!

It’s due date week and the baby is still nice and cozy inside and not in a hurry at all to be born 😆

Last monday I had another appointment and I am measuring 42 weeks, can you tell by this picture? 😅 He will probably be a good size little guy.

With all the extra weight, my back has been killing me, and I am so grateful for Mama Strut support braces that has been helping me during those last few weeks.

April 24, 2022

Snap Back Real Quick

Thank you for waist band I use it almost everyday. My delivery was healthy and I delivered a baby girl I enjoy her so much.

April 24, 2022

Postpartum recovery must have ✅⁣

Post – partum recovery must have ✅⁣

I just had my 4th baby and I knew i would need extra support chasing 3 kids and caring for a newborn.⁣

Love love love love. A must have for every birth & postpartum recovery. Holy moly this is a life changer. Love the support and comfort. I recommend @mamastrut to all my soon to be mommy friends.

October 13, 2020

Mama Strut is Essential!

What I really liked about this strap compared with others I’ve used is I can lie down, sit, and move without feeling hurt. It is perfect! Actually, I wasn’t able to use any postpartum straps before because they hurt me. With this I can have the support I need without feeling uncomfortable. I am glad I got their postpartum package from Mama Strut with all high-quality essential products that every new mom would wish for.⁣
Did you used a brace in your postpartum? Do you have a favorite strap?⁣

O que eu realmente gostei nesta cinta comparada outras que usei é que posso me deitar, sentar e me mover sem me machucar. É perfeita!⁣
Sinceramente, não conseguia usar alças pós-parto antes porque me machucavam. Com essa eu posso ter o apoio de que preciso sem me sentir desconfortável. Estou feliz por ter recebido esse pacote pós-parto da @mamastrut com todos os produtos essenciais de alta qualidade que toda nova mãe precisa.⁣

voce usou cinta no seu pos parto? Tem alguma cinta preferida?


Thania C.
September 14, 2020

Back and Abdomen Support!

Postpartum day 10! I’m feeling really good 💕⁣
To wrap or not to wrap?⁣
Growing up all of the women in my family wrapped their abdomens after giving birth. After all, it has so many benefits. Wrapping provides support for your back and abdomen that is critical for comfort! It also assists in retraining your body to return to it’s pre-baby condition.⁣
Thank you to my friends at @mamastrut for my postpartum wrap! I’ve been wearing it at home since day 3 and it’s amazing. The wrap is built into spandex shorts that even include a pocket for an ice pack! 💗⁣”



Brenda Yamil
August 24, 2020

Mama Strut Maternity Brace

We are weeks away from meeting our baby girl 💕 and it’s starting to get REAL. Between putting the final touches on the nursery, soaking in as much information as I can about motherhood, working, writing, trying to eat right and exercise (which some days just consists of me walking up and down stairs), this mama is TIRED. 😩⁣
For the past couple of days I’ve been wearing this maternity support brace from Mama Strut to help decrease the swelling in my ankles and feet so I can keep moving (because let’s face it, life doesn’t stop)! The shorts are super comfortable and come with two gel pack inserts that I can either heat up or put in the freezer to help with all the growing pains associated with pregnancy. #MomWin


KL Hall
August 17, 2020

Get up and start running!

🇺🇸 The fourth quarter is here and I have been wearing my @mamastrut belt since the third day. It has helped a lot in postpartum recovery. It helps me feel safe while my abdomen is still weak, and gradually returning to normal. It’s amazing how the brace has given me the ability to feel that I could get up and start running within five days of giving birth.⁣

Thank you so much @mamastrut for gifting me this brace. ⁣

🇧🇷 O quarto trimestre está aqui e eu tenho usado meu cinto @mamastrut desde o terceiro dia. Ele tem ajudado muito na recuperação pós-parto. Ajuda a me sentir seguro enquanto meu abdomen ainda está fraco, e aos poucos voltando ao normal. É incrível como a cinta tem me proporcionado a capacidade de sentir que eu poderia me levantar e começar a correr dentro de cinco dias após o parto. Estou realmente amando esse presente da @mamastrut


Tarsila O.
August 6, 2020

Pelvic Floor and Lower Back Support

As the little baby inside of me continues to grow, so do my aches and pains 😂. Been rocking my Mama Strut maternity support brace! This brace targets the pelvic floor and lower back. The shorts are discreet so you can wear them underneath your clothes, but the best part is the removable ice/heat packs. Definitely recommend for mamas looking for extra support! 💕

July 14, 2020

Brace for an Aching Back

Being in my 3rd tri and with bebe growing 🤰🏼 by the week, Mama Strut’s maternity support brace has helped me so much with comforting my aching back. I wear it around the house or under my dresses for support throughout the day and I can legit feel the difference once it’s on!

So for you mamas to be, I suggest snagging one for yourself. You won’t regret it!



July 7, 2020

Mama Strut Maternity!

FINALLY getting some back and sciatic relief in my Mama Strut maternity belt! It adds belly support too to stop this kid from “falling” because he’s so low… can’t wait to try the postpartum belt after he arrives 💕⁣⁣
– Also came with two ice packs (use hot or cold) and a second underwear insert.⁣⁣
– 4 Adjustable velcro straps to adjust comfortability.

Tajarre C.
June 3, 2020

So THIS is the Fourth Trimester!

So THIS is the Fourth Trimester.🤷🏼‍♀️
We officially got the nursery set up in the 5th wheel this week. The toy hauler conversion has turned out amazing and we are feeling blessed to have some extra space for this baby of ours. Especially between feedings, which were rough this first week. Waking up every hour. Not ready to leave her alone, staying up just to watch her and make sure she doesnt stop breathing!
So it’s easy to see why I am lucky to have showered. Hair in a messy bun and in nothing but my nursing bra, @mamastrut and @breas_tfriend around my waste…in all my cankle glory! 😂

A few things I’ve found really helpful postpartum have been the Breast Friend pillow which helps support my arms and wrists while baby girl and I get adjusted to breastfeeding. And the MamaStrut postpartum support belt. This contraption has been my abs and core support this week as my body heels. Its helped give me more energy than I had even hoped for at this stage and my belly is already shrinking back to it’s original size and shape.😍 the perineum straps help keep the ice pack close to my body. It’s a lifesaver. And that goes for my coffee as well. Not only is it burning fat but its giving me the energy I need to tackle the laundry today.😂 See my stories for more.

The 4th trimester has officially begun but thanks to these products I feel a little more in control. This week has been the journey of a lifetime already and it’s hard to believe shes already 6 days old!

I am already in love with this thing called motherhood


Katie G.
May 4, 2020

Must Have for Postpartum!

One of my must-haves for postpartum: this Mama Strut maternity belt. I started wearing it a couple days after giving birth. As you grow a human- your skin stretches, your insides move around to make room, your belly expands. Once your tiny human arrives, your body works to move back in its original position. This maternity belt provides great compression to hold everything in place and jump start bringing everything back together. It also makes me feel really secure and steady when I’m trying to go easy on my abdomen with a healing c-section scar. And even as my body is feeling more and more normal 4 weeks out – it’s giving me great stability as I’ve been introducing more complex movements and light lifting back into my routine. Such a great recovery tool!

Hanna M.
March 6, 2020

It’s not about a SnapBack for me

In 2 days it’ll be a month since I gave birth to my baby 👶🏽 girl. It’s not about a SnapBack for me. The most important thing for me is being healthy and making sure I take my time to recover and rebuild my strength. It took me 40 weeks to deliver my baby so I’m not expecting for my body to go back to where it was in a month. I’m wearing my  Mama Strut now and it has been great providing me with back and abdominal support with around the house daily task. Along with cooling and heating to help heal my lady parts. For ALL my moms to be and ladies look in to Mama Strut you won’t be disappointed.


Lauren L.
March 2, 2020

Surrogate support!

I ordered Mama Strut because I was about to have a surrogate baby, and this being my 4th pregnancy, I knew the ins and outs of postpartum healing. I knew I needed more support for my back, as well as the benefits of ice! But I hated other bands because they always slipped and never were comfortable. I needed something that could handle the rigors of having 3 small children and an active life. When I saw the attached shorts, I was sold. It was the first thing I put on after labor, and it has been so amazing. I have been wearing it for the last 3 weeks, and I can tell its really making a difference in my healing. I am so glad I chose this product for my postpartum experience.

Kate R
March 2, 2020

Safe and comfortable on adventures!

I am getting excited to get back out in the water for both whitewater and swim/run adventures. While I am feeling remarkably amazing for being just a little over 2 weeks out from a second C-section – I am trying to temper my excitement with gentle reminders of the fact that I was infact cut open not to long ago. None the less, I will take feeling good – big thanks to Mama Strut for creating such an awesome product that helps me feel safe and comfortable on my daily active recovery baby adventures;)

February 18, 2020

Best postpartum tool ever!

I started seeing ads for the Mama Strut as soon as I signed up for pregnancy apps. The ads got me thinking and so I did some research and decided that mesh hospital underwear were not going to cut it for my recovery. I invested in the Mama Strut using my HSA (awesome bonus). I had a 43 hour labor and delivery that was the complete opposite of my birth plan (I stayed flexible and still enjoyed my experience, just learned my first lesson of parenthood- you can’t control everything and you have to roll with the punches). I ended up with a small amount of tearing and stitches. I started using the Mama Strut immediately after delivery. The nurses had never seen it and were super impressed. They had seen separate compression shorts and belly binders, but never a combined garment. It made it so much easier when they needed to help me to the bathroom and when checking on my recovery. They were also so impressed with how fast it helped my uterus recover and contract. My swelling went down significantly before I even left the hospital. I felt secure in it and it helped me move and breastfeed better because it gave me stability and support. I also felt more comfortable having visitors because I wasn’t worried my giant pad or ice pack was going to fall out if I moved around. I am 3 weeks postpartum today and still wearing it everyday and night while I recover. I was even back in my pre-pregnancy jeans by week 2 thanks to Mama Strut! I highly recommend!!

February 11, 2020

Well Placed Built in Ice Pocket…

For all you new mamas out there you NEED to get this! I used it after both deliveries and it’s amazing. My core feels so supported and let’s just say there’s a very well placed built in pocket for an ice pack 😉it’s a life saver! lol 😄🙌🏻 Definitely my favorite post partum recovery item and I just found out they are now covered by insurance!

February 5, 2020

Be Healthy!

These pictures are from the day I delivered, 2 weeks postpartum and yesterday @mamastrut ftw!…It’s more important to me to be healthy and feel good than a number on the scale.


February 5, 2020

Moving well thanks to my Mama Strut

Almost 6 weeks postpartum and moving well thanks to my #mamastrut 🙌🎉🙌 C-section recovery is no joke!⁣

I have heard it said that a c-section is the “easy way out” 🙄 I guess having the spinal block missed twice before success; needing a vacuum assist because Drax refused to come out; losing a lot of blood during the procedure; and having to be rehospitalized after delivery was something “easy” 😂⁣

Make sure to hug and thank the mamas in your life today because we are ALL #badass #warriors 💪

Coley Mclaren
January 27, 2020

C-Section Mama

Day 2 in the hospital after my csection, I put on a belly-binder right away. The benefits are numerous for many reasons including support for my core & helping my body heal from inflammation from the inside out. Once home, I hurried to wear my Mama Strut Postpartum Brace & OMG!!! This brace has changed the game seriously within days! The complete series includes hot & cold packs for all the right places & the actual brace is a soft, boy-shorts that’s really helped ease the pain & pressure on my back from the epidural. I highly recommend!!!!!

January 27, 2020


I really wish I had this for my first pregnancy!! I was given a simple girdle type wrap at the hospital, but I hated it! So I was determined to find something better this second time around.
When I saw the mama strut, I was in love! I read all the reviews, the specs, everything! I knew this is what I needed. I got the bundle for post pregnancy. I felt like I had the protection and the SUPPORT after having a csection. I got my shape back within 3 weeks after having our second child! I wore it for 2 months and now I am back to what I looked like before. ALL EXPECTING MOMMAS NEED THIS!!




Leah Gaskin
January 4, 2020

I wish I had this sooner!

I recently had my 3rd baby 1 week ago. I decided to do things differently with him, as I felt my previous 2 birth stories and postpartum care were dictated by someone other than myself. I wanted an unmedicated, largely unassisted birth, and I was determined to be in charge of my care. Thankfully, I got just that! With my last pregnancy I developed a moderate case of diastasis recti, and it took nearly 2 years to fix. I came across Mama Strut toward the end of this pregnancy and knew it was the postpartum help I was going to need. Once my son was born (and weighed over 9lb) I knew I made the right decision. I started wearing mama strut about 12 hrs postpartum (when the photo was taken) and it was a life saver! I could stand up straight, walk around without the “falling out” feeling, and it was way better and more supportive than the hospital garments. It has been amazing! Thanks Mama Strut!

Elise Cuentas
December 20, 2019

Absolutely amazing!!

I had my 3rd c-section on 9/24/19. After reading all the great reviews, I made sure to have Mama Strut before my c-section. I started wearing this brace the day I was discharged from hospital and the difference was absolutely amazing. I was in so much pain with my two previous c-section’s and recovery seemed to take months. This brace has took away most of the pain and I am able to move around a lot more. I have been wearing the brace 24/7. I took it off for one day and immediately noticed the difference. I wish I had Mama Strut for my first two deliveries but am very glad I got it for this one. I would definitely highly recommend to anyone having a c-section, it has truly been a blessing and life-saver and has allowed me to enjoy my time with my newborn rather than being in a ton of pain!

Alissa Burke
October 16, 2019

Love the product

I love Mama Strut! Mama Strut felt so good in the early days after delivery! The Mama Strut ice packs are awesome because they stay cold for longer then the hospital cold packs, and they’re reusable. The compression not only feels good but reminds me to hold my ab muscles in and work on strengthening them back up from being pregnant. After about 4 weeks my Mama Strut was actually too big which was really disappointing! I wish I would have sized down when ordering.


October 16, 2019

Say goodbye to toxic postpartum pads and say hello to everything you never knew you needed!

As a first time mama, I didn’t know what to expect in postpartum recovery. I read all I could and pinned so many things, but nothing could truly prepare me for the 4th trimester. That is until I stumbled upon @MamaStrut. The pads gave me such peace of mind in the weeks following the birth of my baby boy. I didn’t have to worry about leaking and they were so comfortable compared to everything else on the market.

Every product @MamaStrut has is pure quality with the consumer in mind. Thank you for making my postpartum journey stress free!

October 9, 2019

Mama Strut is a must!

Mama Strut postpartum support abdominal binder postpartum postpartum girdle postpartum pain relief

As a first time mama I wanted to make sure i was able to snap back and I didn’t know what to expect! I inquired at my dr office to see what my insurance covered Mama Strut Postpartum Support System and this was it! I started wearing the Mama Strut 24 hours after giving birth. The nurses even complimented how awesome it was with the shorts and ice pack holder, they were impressed! Within one week you couldn’t even tell I had a baby! I got tons of compliments which helped me feel good as a first time mama. I wear it 24/7 even at night. I will be recommending Mama Strut to every pregnant mama I see!

Stacey Giacomazzo
September 18, 2019

Helping Out a Chiropractic Mama

I just wanted to let you guys know I am so thankful for the maternity product! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and began having moderate to severe pubic symphysis pain, being a chiropractor who treats a lot of pregnant and postpartum women I never truly understood the physical and mental inconvenience pain could bring. With the addition of the maternity brace to my routine chiropractic care and exercise I am able to work (helping other moms) and perform normal activity without pain! This product is very well designed and provides support in all the right pelvic regions without limiting or diminishing muscle tone!

Thank you so much,
Dr. V

Valerie Dowis
August 26, 2019

Mama Strut is worth every penny

This thing has saved me! I am only 2 weeks postpartum but feel like the Mama Strut has made a world of difference in my recovery. The perineal support straps are amazing and are a must, they help hold everything up and keeps you from feeling like you’re going to fall out, which is honestly more painful than my stitches. I would recommend 100% and it was worth every single penny. I even sleep in it!

Callie L.
August 24, 2019

Pack this in your hospital bag!

I wish I knew about Mama Strut the first time I gave birth. As much as I love the gloves filled with ice that they give you at the hospital to help with bleeding and swelling, this time around I knew I wanted something more. With the Mama Strut on I felt so much more supported, mobile, and comfortable. I was able to climb the stairs in my house multiple times a day with ease, something I was nervous about. The ice and heat application was a dream. It has been critical to my postpartum recovery and I cannot recommend it enough.– Dr. Tania

Dr. Tania
August 5, 2019


After reading so many great reviews, I decided it was worth the money to give this a shot. I’m so glad I did! I am only 3 days post partum right now, and I feel like this has really helped me feel like I am back to myself. I didn’t put it on until we were leaving the hospital, but it made me feel like I was “together” on the car ride home. I have been wearing it during the day since I got home and feel like my back and hips are supported.

Jacki L
July 18, 2019

What A Difference!

I was having major back and pelvic pressure pains, especially when I would exercise. I didn’t want to stop my exercise because I know how important it is for me and the baby. After having Mama Strut for just two weeks it has changed my life! Being able to exercise pain free and even when I do have pain, I have the ice packs to help relieve it. I can be up and moving so much more. I also love that I can wear it under my clothes and you can’t tell! I got Mama Strut right before my Dr told me I needed a support band, well I would recommend this to any pregnant woman out there!

Marti Lucero
July 15, 2019

Helpful Support for C-Section Moms

My sweet daughter was breech, so I knew I’d be having a C-section. I ordered a Mama Strut in advance. With the swelling and the incision, it took a couple of days to fit into it, but once I did, I felt instant relief. It provided much-needed support and prevented that “sloshy” feeling. I can’t exercise for six weeks, but I am clear to go on walks around the neighborhood — and the Mama Strut provides excellent support and makes those so much more comfortable. I’d recommend this to any C-section mom.

I researched several support garments, and what made the Mama Strut stand out was the free sizing kit. It’s so hard to guess what your size will be after delivery, and pregnancy makes your size vary so much. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that wouldn’t work. The sizing kit worked perfectly and the customer service was responsive and prompt. Kudos for a great product and a great system.

Katherine Barnard
July 8, 2019

I have already noticed how much better I feel this time around!

I have been trying it out over the past couple weeks. Upon first look, it looks like a standard postpartum stomach wrap. However, the Mama Strut is SO much more than that! Not only does this feel amazing on (you can control how tight you want it), but I have already noticed how much better I feel this time around & how much of my stomach I’ve already lost. My favorite part about the system is the pockets for ice packs! Historically, I have had to make ice diapers for postpartum comfort and swelling for WEEKS, which can be uncomfortable and messy. This system creates a mess free way to keep everything iced and comfortable during those early postpartum days! All in all, I’m a huge fan of it & so thankful I’ve had it this time around.”

May 30, 2019

6 days postpartum from delivering full term twins!

Jessica P. Mama Strut Maternity & Postpardum Bundle testimonial

6 days postpartum from delivering full term twins born unmedicated at home. Recovery is slower than in my previous pregnancies but this Mama Strut Postpartum support is providing much comfort to my tender body. I also used the pregnancy support by Mama Strut. I believe it helped me remain comfortably pregnant until 38 weeks.

Jessica P.
May 30, 2019

Mama Strut is so supportive!!

Wow! These products are amazing! I had my first child in February 2019 and I had no idea what exactly my body was going to go through. I am so glad that I had all of the products that Mama Strut has to offer. I feel like the Mama Strut helped put me back together and was so supportive in those first weeks after giving birth. (I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans after 3 weeks!) I was also so happy to have the organic pads. They were thin, yet absorbed a lot and it was so nice that I didn’t have to change them so frequently. Plus I loved that it didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper! I highly recommend Mama Strut!!

Kara Lewis Almanza
May 30, 2019

It definitely helps make all the difference during the fourth trimester!

Kelly Davis Mama Strut postpartum support brace testimonial

This is what 3 days postpartum looked like for me. I am already feeling so much like my pre-pregnancy self, which I honestly owe all to the Mama Strut postpartum support system. On the evening of the day I had Connor I was having a really hard time getting from my bed to the bathroom, because everything was tender + my body just felt incredibly unsupported, especially at my pelvic floor. But the next morning, when I got up + put on my Mama Strut support band, my entire postpartum experience changed. I was able to walk around my hospital room feeling so supported + not like I literally just had a baby whatsoever. The nurses + doctor were so impressed by my mobility + honestly so was I. This brace has been so helpful since coming home + recovering, because it provides back/pelvic/perennial support as well as ice + heat therapy that decreases the symptoms that come along with recovering from active labor + a natural delivery {it also works for c-section mamas!}. Between recovering from delivery, tending to a newborn + keeping up after two very energetic twin boys, I truly don’t know what I would have done without having this postpartum system on hand this time around + recommend it to every mama expecting a little one, because postpartum recovery is just as much of an important thing to plan for as preparing for a newborn. Thank you so much to Mama Strut for reaching out to me on this collaboration + reminding me of how important it is to prepare for + give attention to the fourth trimester. Keep an eye out for an IG story to show how the system works + how much improvement I’ve made in healing the past few days since this photo was taken + in my uterus shrinking back down to it’s normal size. Mama Strut’s goal is not to “bounce back”, + this mama definitely has quite a ways to go, but it definitely helps make all the difference during the fourth trimester season in healing + helping mama feel like herself again.

Kelly Davis
May 30, 2019

I’m 3 days postpartum and loving using this piece!

Mama Strut postpartum support abdominal binder postpartum postpartum girdle postpartum pain relief

HIGHLY recommend for new mommas to get a Postpartum Brace to use. I use Mama Strut . It has compression which helped me feel secure, holding everything in place and also taking advantage of the relaxin still in my body (to encourage my hips to close in just a little for stability). It also has spots for heating/cooling pads for the abdominal, back, and vaginal areas. 👶🏻 I’m 3 days postpartum and loving using this piece. Life saver!

May 30, 2019

I have needed this care 100X more than I ever expected!

Alecia Davenport Mama Strut Testimonial

1 week postpartum and already feeling more like pre pregnancy self! C section recovery has been very tough for me.. but I feel so much comfort and support while in my @mamastrut postpartum recovery brace. Although it’s been a week I still get severe aches and pains from all the laboring I went through on top of C section pain. I love that this brace provides back/pelvic/perennial support as well as ice and heat therapy that decreases my symptoms after both a long labor and a C section! I have needed this care 100X more than I ever expected I would!!! (Highly recommended for both vaginal and C section postpartum care)

Alecia Davenport
May 30, 2019

It’s truly amazing to see just how much my body is changing and shrinking in my mid section thanks to this brace!

Mama Strut Mama Meg Clark Testimonial Photo

Y’all I can’t say enough good things about the Mama Strut postpartum support brace. I started wearing this brace within the first 24 hours of giving birth and it honestly made a world of difference in my recovery. Within hours of putting this on, and inserting the cooling gel pads in my pelvic and lower back region, I noticed a huge difference in my body. The extreme discomfort I felt in pelvis was almost non existent and I was able to get up and walk around comfortably.

I’m 2.5 weeks out and honestly feel almost back to my “normal” pre pregnancy self! It has helped tremendously with my swelling and discomfort and I can’t imagine what I would feel like, or look like, if I didn’t have my Mama Strut there from day 1 of my postpartum recovery. This brace provides back, pelvic, and perennial support and has the option of cooling and heating inserts to help decrease the symptoms that follow labor. My favorite part, unlike many other support braces, this system shrinks with you! On day one I had to use the extender bands in order to close the brace, by day 3 I was able to close it 2-3 inches, and today I only have 1-2 inches left on the waist portion. It’s truly amazing to see just how much my body is changing and shrinking in my mid section thanks to this brace!

Meg Clark
May 30, 2019

A Game Changer for Pregnancy!

Renae Sheperd Mama Strut testimonial

“Back pain in pregnancy is no joke!!! But there are solutions! Usually the solutions don’t last that long because there is only so long you can sit on the couch trying to keep a loose ice pack in place! These pregnancy shorts from @mamastrut are amazing! Designed by a mother of 3 who knew she needs relief but can’t sit around all day- the ice pack is in the back support within shorts so you can go about your day and wear these under your clothes and have the support you need!!! I love them! Game changer for pregnancy!”

January 30, 2019

Not only did Mama Strut stun all the hospital staff but it has truly helped me to heal and be mobile.

Whitney G. Mama Strut testimonial

“I had a vaginal delivery 12 days ago and have been using my Mama Strut since immediately post delivery. While my OB had never heard of the product before, neither had any of the nurses or other Drs in the hospital where I delivered. Every staff member that came into my room was so intrigued to check out the ‘awesome shorts’ they had heard so much about. They even commented that it was all anyone could talk about at every shift change for 3 days! I don’t know if you can reach out to hospitals directly or not but I delivered at Johnston Willis in Richmond, Virginia. My only recommendation would be to have a seam on the bottom part of the shorts so the fabric doesn’t roll up so easily.

Not only did Mama Strut stun all the hospital staff but it has truly helped me to heal and be mobile. I attribute the Mama Strut for being able to attend a New Years Eve wedding last night at only 11 days postpartum! I am so glad I found this product and will continue to rave to all who will listen about how amazing it has been.

thank you so much!”

Whitney G.
January 18, 2019

I feel put back together

“3 weeks postpartum, it is amazing! I feel great in it, I feel put back together.”

January 18, 2019

I Highly Recommend!

Mama strut has been so easy to work with! As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I highly recommend Mama Strut to all my pregnant patients. They have great customer service and their website makes it easy to get insurance reimbursement. Mama Strut is a necessity after birth for improved pelvic floor support and closing of diastasis recti.

Rebekah Slafka PT DPT
January 3, 2019

If there is another baby in our future, I wouldn’t even consider delivering without it!

Mama strut came up randomly one day on my Facebook feed while I was pregnant and I clicked on it and when I saw insurance may cover I said hey why not… I delivered 10 days ago and put this on about 12 hours after I delivered and have only had it off to wash it. The nurses at the hospital all commented on how much better than the hospital ones it looks, and the recovery has been amazing thanks to it! My stomach is almost back to pre-baby size in this short time and everyone is amazed and asking me where my stomach went! I will be recommending this to all my friends and if there is another baby in our future, I wouldn’t even consider delivering without it! Thanks for a great product!

–  Grace C.
November 21, 2018

Comfortably Healed from C Section

Staying fit and healthy has been a daily life goal before and during pregnancy. With this being my first pregnancy, I researched the best ways to take care of myself not only during pregnancy but also after because in order to be the best Mama for my little one I must take care of myself. I purchased Mama Strut to help me in caring for myself as best as possible. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea how my body would react to 9 months of change, labor and delivery, and recovery. I ended up having a scheduled c-section due to having a breech baby. I was able to wear my Mama Strut 3 days after delivery, which was the day we were released to go home. My doctor and nurses were amazed at how well I was getting around and shocked I wasn’t needing anything but a low dose of ibuprofen to manage my pain. I had been warned that the first car ride is the hardest but Mama Strut made the ride feel comfortable and pain free. It sat high enough from my surgical site that I didn’t have to worry about it being rubbed. I had intentions of wearing it everyday throughout the night but due to a tummy rash I ended up getting from an allergic reaction to some medicine, I was only able to wear my Mama Strut for 4-5 hours each day. I’m two weeks postpartum and my waistline is 5 inches away from my pre-pregnancy measurements. I also believe wearing this has helped the fluid release faster from my body allowing me to drop 20 lbs of the 30 that I gained in just two weeks time. Mama Strut helped me feel myself, care for myself without pain medicines, and care for my little one without fighting pain. I highly recommend Mama Strut!

Becky F
November 20, 2018

A godsend for prolapse – It’s criminal that they let mamas walk out of the hospital 48 hours after birth with no support. Don’t hesitate- get it.

I have dealt with stage two prolapse issues since the birth of my first. I was due with my third and came across the Mama Strut ad on Facebook. I was super skeptical because it seemed that all the postpartum binders were just for “looks.” I wasn’t interested in getting my figure back as much as I was interested in truly supporting my body to heal. I didn’t want something that would just exert more downward pressure on my pelvic floor. To my great delight, the Mama Strut has been a lifesaver. It gives me excellent pelvic floor support and really helps with that “falling out” feeling. It also helped stabilize my hips and relieve my pubic symphasis pain. I also feel it’s helping bring my diastasis recti back together. In short, I think EVERY new mom should be issues this in the hospital. It’s criminal that they let mamas walk out of the hospital 48 hours after birth with no support. Don’t hesitate- get it.

Alexis Lantz
November 5, 2018

The recovery has been amazing this time (3rd baby) and I feel like I owe partial credit to this device!

Mama Strut postpartum support abdominal binder postpartum postpartum girdle postpartum pain relief best postpartum support best pelvic support best postpartum ice pack

I delivered 9 days ago, had a very smooth, easy delivery thankfully. But I put this on about 12 hours after I delivered and have only had it off to wash it. The recovery has been amazing this time (3rd baby) and I feel like I owe partial credit to this device! I will be recommending this to all my friends and “IF” there is a 4th baby in our future, I wouldn’t consider delivering without it! Thanks for a great product! Also, my medical device company that worked with the insurance had some confusion on stocking the item to ship it to me and you guys were amazing about making sure I received it in time, thank you!

November 5, 2018

Amazing Product

I purchased the Mama Strut for my second pregnancy, which was a scheduled csection. I started using it about 5 days postpartum and I’m still using Mama Strut and my little guy is almost 2 weeks old. It has helped tremendously with swelling and pain. Once I started using it I no longer had to take pain medication and it was so much easier to move around. I wish I would have known about this product when I was pregnant with my other son, which was a csection as well. — Devon K.

Devon K
October 17, 2018

I completely credit the Mama

I completely credit the Mama Strut system with helping me get back on my feet so quickly. I was induced one week ago at 36 weeks, and when my son was not tolerating contractions I was whisked into surgery for an emergency C-section. Because my son was born a month early, he is still spending time in the NICU growing and feeding. It was beyond difficult to leave him when I was discharged, but wearing the Mama Strut has allowed me to be mobile and able to go with my husband to visit him twice a day. I haven’t taken any pain medication since I left the hospital, and am recovering quickly and feeling more like myself. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Joanna A.
October 1, 2018

Immense help after childbirth injury

I thought I was prepared for childbirth. I ran through my entire pregnancy, took a holistic birth class, and did acupressure therapy. In the end, there was no way to prepare for it – my labor lasted 57 hours, with 3 1/2 hours of pushing and ultimately a vacuum assist. In the days following, I focused on my precious healthy baby and disregarded the pain and difficulty moving. I expected a rough recovery after such a rough labor. After the first week, however, I knew something was wrong. I could barely get out of bed, much less move around the house or carry my son. Thankfully I had a lot of support from family and friends, most notably my husband who was up with me for every feed and diaper change. I discovered the mama strut at 2 weeks post-partum and it changed everything. I was finally able to carry my baby and carry our normal every-day tasks. I was still struggling with sitting, standing or walking for prolonged periods. It wasn’t until my son was 2 months that I had the appropriate scans and was diagnosed with pubic symphisis dysfunction (separated pubic bone), athletic pubalgia (damage to the muscles connecting to the pubic bone) and a stress reaction in the bone. I’m now 5 months post-partum and still wearing the mama strut every day to support both the muscles and bones in that area. My next step is regenerative injection therapy to hopefully speed up the recovery process. I was not aware of any of these complications as a result of childbirth and still find that there are very few resources available. I can only hope that moms continue to share their stories and spread the word about the Mama Strut, which can be so helpful regardless of whether you have an injury.

Dori Jones
September 21, 2018

Best Investment for myself and my baby!

I have had many people compliment me on how good I look after having a 9+lbs baby and couldn’t believe I was up walking around already as well as I was anyways. Ha. I am ever grateful to have invested in the mama strut makes the recovery part that much more tolerable. Best investment for birthing aftercare I ever made! So thankful to have found this product!

Heather Senst
September 10, 2018

The During Pregnancy Support System is SO AMAZING

Let’s be real — no one really prepares you for the aches & pains that come from that amazing growing belly — the back pain, sciatica pain… THE CRAZY PELVIC PAIN. It’s makes everyday tasks just so much more difficult & painful.

The During Pregnancy Support System is SO AMAZING because it supports me in all the right places — & ***BONUS*** — it has attachable pieces that hold ice/heat packs (included) in place for my back and pelvic bone… which is perfect to have at night trying to get comfy or while I’m doing things around the house.

As someone who has dealt with & suffering from SPD (Symphis Pubis Dysfunction), or also commonly known as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), I was always on the lookout for products (other than pain meds) to help me with the pain & discomfort that goes along with that — as well as give my tummy the support that it needs throughout the day.

SPD is caused by an excess amount of relaxin in your system, which causes your hip & pelvic ligaments to loosen too early in pregnancy — & even though it’s needed for your hips to allow baby to pass through it can make everyday activities super painful. When that happens, it causes that wrenching pain that makes you feel like your pelvis is being torn apart, & in turn, back pain from it having to take over a lot of the support and stress.

SPD is one of the most misdiagnosed or undiagnosed pregnancy symptom. Many people just wave it to the side & chalk it up to “pregnancy pains”… but after a lot of research I found that this just isn’t true. There’s things to help alleviate the pain & make pregnancy SO MUCH easier on your body. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made in my daily routine. It should definitely be on every mama’s PregnancyMustHave list!

Magin B.
September 7, 2018

This system has been a lifesaver for me…

I couldn’t be happier with how our our birthing story turned out. We feel so blessed to have come home with such a healthy and happy baby. While Nixon’s health is EVERYTHING, it’s so important that I make taking care of myself a priority as well. That’s why I am obsessed with Mama Strut. This company truly cares about the care and recovery of new mamas.

Support for the tired and damaged muscles, connective tissue and skin of the pelvic floor is so important and Mama Strut offers just that with their Postpartum Care System with Ice/Heat Therapy.

Every delivery and postpartum is unique and Mama Strut knows that. The system is perfectly adjustable to cater to all of the different needs of a new mom. It is sized to fit your postpartum pelvis and has over 6 inches of adjustability that will shrink with you as you heal.

No matter what kind of birth you had, Mama Strut’s adjustable straps and removable hot/cold gel packs are sure to comfort you post-labor.

Mama Strut is also naturally antibacterial, breathable, moisture wicking and machine washable.

This system has been a lifesaver for me. It is truly a necessity for your hospital bag so that you can have peace of mind knowing you have the tools to soothe any postpartum aches and pains.

September 7, 2018

Mama Strut thank you so much!

After having a 9.2 pound baby I was really worried about my recovery. But thanks to Mama Strut It made the process very comfortable. Their product was so helpful. it put ice or heat exactly where I needed it. And also help support my lower back and all around my waist. Basically anything involved with delivering a baby was supported by Mama Strut. If you are pregnant then this product is a must have. The other thing I love is that even down the road I can use it if I ever get any lower back pain and I need to ice or heat it. I also feel like it helped  keep my waist small and that will help me to get back in shape quicker. Mama Strut thank you so much!

Ria V.
September 6, 2018

Game changer!! Life saver!!

If I could go back in time and have the Mama Strut after giving birth to my first I absolutely would!!! It has been such a game changer this time around!! Between the pain and swelling “down there” and my jelly like core I practically felt like an invalid for so long after having my first. This time I put my Mama Strut on the day after having my second baby and immediately felt stronger and sturdier! And every day since has been a huge improvement! The pockets for ice or heat packs is an invaluable feature!! After having my second I still looked about 6 months pregnant. I am now 6 days postpartum and my belly is a quarter of the size it was. It took weeks for it to shrink that much with my first. In the hospital I could barely pull it tight enough to get the velcro to grip. 6 days later I have several inches of overlap! And the stability it offers has helped tremendously as this time I have a 4 year old to care for instead of just me and a newborn. The Mama Strut is a life saver, sanity saver, and game changer!!! And I am wearing it during the hottest part of the summer and it doesn’t bother me.

April Dukes
August 21, 2018

I would absolutely get it if you’re hesitating

Using it as we speak. After a very long (76hours) complicated labor and delivery that ended in an emerging c-section, this Mama Strut system has been invaluable.

The pictures in the blue top were the day I delivered. The other ones are 2 and a half days after surgery and continuous use of the Mama Strut.

Within 12 hours of my surgery I was able to semi close it with the extender straps and it really has helped me get in and out of the hospital bed, to the bathroom, even just sleeping in it is more comfortable because the hospital bed is super firm and I’ve woken up less achy when I wear it.

I will say it is a sort of challenge to undo and slide down because I cant really use my abdomen, but when it’s on I feel almost human again.
I’m 2 days after surgery currently and it’s been getting easier to close and use and the swelling has gone down considerably.

I can almost cough comfortably in it too.

I would absolutely get it if you’re hesitating.

August 14, 2018

I’m so in love with this product and I really hope more women choose to use it

My baby had a bit of a hard time in his first few days which required me to be a lot more mobile the what is recommended for a brand new Mom and this brace has played a big role in my ability to care for my little man. The first major help was the abdominal/back support it offers, i put it on right after delivery and it made a major difference in how hollow my abdomen felt and prevented me from over working my abs. The next day I noticed how effective it was at preventing/eliminating swelling with the compression straps and ice packs which were applied and used through the first 18ish hours. After that I stopped using the ice and completion on my stitches so that I wouldn’t inhibit blood flow as the athletic shorts offer enough general compression to be sufficient. Every time I have opened it, it closes a little tighter each time, continuing to support my back and my abs and my vaginal area.

I sleep in it most nights and it’s perfectly comfortable and allows me to have support with all he up and down and tossing and turning that happens.

It is day three and I’m so in love with this product and I really hope more women choose to use it because I have found it immensely helpful and plan on using it with every baby I ever have.

August 6, 2018

Mama Strut is a total lifesaver

I just gave birth to my son on July 24th. During birth I suffered an injury to my tailbone along with needing forceps and an episiotomy to get my 9 lb 11 oz perfect baby boy into the world. I was in so much pain and could barely move during my hospital stay. I couldn’t get out of bed on my own or even pick up my baby without help. I gave birth on a Tuesday and Thursday I got the confirmation that my Mama Strut came in the mail. I immediately sent my dad to go pick it up for me. I put it on that night and for the first time since having my son I was able to start to feel a bit more like myself. I took my baby for a walk to the nurses station (and then made a few more trips on my own), sat in a chair to nurse, and sat on the edge of the bed to eat my dinner. Most importantly I was able to pick my son up out of his bassinet and hold him without help. Now I am about a week and a half postpartum and the Mama Strut is the only thing keeping me functional with my tailbone injury. I wear it constantly and use the ice pack for my back multiple times a day. I’m also so happy with the results of how much it has shrunk my stomach already! When I first put it on in the hospital I was glad I ordered the extenders because I couldn’t close it, by the next day I was able to close it and pull it tighter and tighter. I’m feeling more confident in clothes and so thrilled that I left the hospital not looking pregnant at all anymore! Thank you for this amazing product! I told everyone I could about it while in the hospital and that it was the reason I could function! The nurses had not heard of Mama Strut and they were all writing down the name of it so they would remember! If you are considering ordering the Mama Strut you will not be disappointed! This has been a total lifesaver and I plan to continue to wear it for a while. It is really helping with support for my tailbone injury! It is the best purchase I made for myself with this pregnancy! The photo included is me at 37 weeks pregnant, then the day I came home from the hospital and then 10 days postpartum. I think I may be smaller now than I was before I had my son!

Melissa D
August 5, 2018

Mama Strut Changed My Quality of Life for the Better

Mama Strut has made such a positive difference in my life! I’m an older lady with a pelvic organ prolapse which made many of my everyday activities very difficult as well as unpleasant! Not to have surgery was my personal choice as I had heard of many failures and other issues so chose not to expose myself to surgery at the present time. I heard about Mama Strut through one of the groups I belong to and decided to give it a try and I’m so thankful I did!! I’m now able to return to daily activities without the fear of lifting or moving. Wearing any sort of medical device takes some getting used to but I’m so glad I chose to move forward with this non-invasive option!! The confidence and security I feel with this garment is wonderful!!

Suzanne Whittemore
July 30, 2018

This system has everything. I have worn it during the daytime since four hours after delivering…

Trayanna Mama Strut testimonial

I would HIGHLY recommend the MamaStrut. I am four days postpartum with my second child and the recovery experience is night and day already. My insurance did not cover it, but it was worth EVERY penny. I feel so much better after this labor and delivery and it has helped me feel better in my own skin! It’s easy to use and I pull them on like shorts, then use the compression velcro. I’ve added the ice pack when needed and use it with leak-free underpants and a pad. The ice pack can conveniently go underneath your underwear in its own area and keep the MamaStrut nice and clean. The compression is key. For my last pregnancy, I used an abdominal binder and stopped after two days because the material was itchy and inflexible. This system has everything. I have worn it during the daytime since four hours after delivering my daughter. What a great product!

T. Whiting
July 25, 2018

I wore my Mama Strut Pelv-ice postpartum support to hold me together…

Why am I smiling while doing dishes? This is the first time I’ve done dishes in probably about 4-5 months. It’s amazing how the chores you feel are a drag to do on a daily basis become a joy when it means you are healing faster than you thought you would. I wore my Mama Strut Pelv-ice postpartum support to hold me together just long enough to obliterate an entire sink full AND cook up a fast freezer meal. Not gonna lie, it was a little ambitious and I needed some Advil after, but it was worth it!

July 23, 2018

It really is a superior quality product. Even my OB and the nurses are impressed.

Had 9lb 5oz girl on 7-19-18. Level 2 tear and ladies… Mama Strut is awesome!!!! It took a few hours to be able to close but the belly support makes me feel like I’m not boiling out of my abdomen and the ice packs are SO much better than the hospital ice options. They’re thinner but just as cold. Because they’re not as dense as either the smack packs or frozen diapers, there isn’t so much pressure from the bulk. I have still been able to use the other ice options when my blue packs are refreezing though, which is very nice. Also, the shorts part of it makes me feel allot more clothed than the mesh panties, and more secure. As a curvy mama, I needed that coverage on my Kardashian booty. I’ve never felt the mesh panties held the pad against me enough to catch all of the flow and I would leak awful when I had my first baby 21 months ago. It holds the pads better so I’ve had almost no overflow or leaks from the first big bleeds. I put it on as soon as I could stand after delivery. So far, I’m very impressed! Also, much less back pain because I feel just general posture is corrected well. I had an epidural and because of existing sciatica issues, it took 4 attempts to numb me. This has caused allot of bruising on top of a big baby. The support is so well dispersed that it’s not bothering the bruise, while still giving me stability when I stand and pace with little Nova. It’s worth every penny. It really is a superior quality product. Even my OB and the nurses are impressed.

Jessica D.
July 23, 2018

Thank you so much for making this postpartum a breeze because after last time I was terrified. Grateful, grateful, grateful!!!!!

I am 4 days post delivery. I put mama strut on 3 hours after delivery.
This is my second child. My first I could barely move for days. I couldn’t get in and out of bed with out feeling like I was dying.
This time. I’m walking around I feel so much better. I can get in and out of bed, I can move, I feel like I have more support and it’s not uncomfortable at all.
This is the best product and I would recommend every mother has one directly after delivery. Amazing. Thank you so much for making this postpartum a breeze because after last time I was terrified. Grateful, grateful, grateful!!!!!  –Sarah Lamp

Sarah Lamp
June 26, 2018

A Certified Nursing Midwife on Mama Strut

As a Certified Nurse Midwife Practitioner, I was excited to discover Mama Strut as a resource for patients.  Many women are unaware of the diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, and physiologic discomforts that occur during and after pregnancy.  Once these become an issue, women need physical support.  Mama Strut Pregnancy and Postpartum support systems provide this hands-on care 24-hours a day when a care provider cannot.  Taking care of mothers leads to well-being for the entire family. I am looking forward to seeing Mama Strut products eventually becoming routine medical devices provided for all women in pregnancy and postpartum!

Anna Nieboer, CNM, MSN (Holy Family Healthcare)
June 18, 2018

The difference it made for me…is amazing!

Aloha from Hawaii! I just had my son last night at 9:00 pm (6/17/18). As soon as I was able to shower and put my own clothes on, I put on my Mama Strut and let me tell you…the difference it made for me walking and getting in and out of the hospital bed is amazing! Thank you so much! I will surely recommend this product to ALL my friends and family who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or just gave birth.

Kanoe'okalani Medeiros
June 18, 2018

Works like magic! I used Mama Strut 3 years ago and again with my 2nd baby!

Mama Strut works magic ! I use Mama Strut with my 2 children . I had epidural and episiotomy with my eldest which is now 3 yo . And had a tear with my 2nd child, and she’s 27 days old now.
3 days after I give birth I use Mama Strut . My friend was surprised, Because I can do stuff at home. Walk to and from just like nothing happen . I highly recommend Mama Strut to all the Mama out there! 🙂❤❤

Wenhilmae Ami
June 8, 2018

It no longer feels like gravity is pulling everything down!

I just had my baby 3 days ago and the mama strut has been amazing! After I took it off I could visibly see the reduction in swelling and the ice feels incredible while it is on. I have to say my favorite part is that when I stand up, it no longer feels like gravity is pulling everything down. I couldn’t be happier with this product and am so glad that I invested in it! Recommending to all of my friends!

Natasha T.
May 19, 2018

A world of difference

Oh my goodness, where do I begin?? With my last pregnancy and birth I had a whole of of pain, from my Sciatic nerve and from tearing, that made recovery very slow. It was very difficult to keep up with a newborn and a kindergartener! This time around I knew I needed to do something different and when I saw an ad for Mama Strut I knew that was my answer! I just had baby 2 weeks ago. I put my Mama Strut on the morning after i had him and only take it off to shower. It is AMAZING! I feel very supported, held together, and it takes so much pain away. Plus my stomach has shrunk so quickly! My husband has even noticed and comments all the time! Definitely worth every penny!

Kim Kovach
May 14, 2018

Mama Strut helped this c-section mama!

Mama Strut Mama Testimonial

I got the Mama Strut after my best friend recommended it to me. I was super excited and packed in my hospital bag. When I ended up with a csection I didn’t think I would end up using it but oh boy, I sure did! Even though I didn’t need the perineum ice packs the belly support from the binder was life changing! It took my belly a few days to go down in order for the band to fit but once it did I wore that baby, night and day, for 5 weeks straight! I’m convinced it’s the reason my belly went down so quickly and gave me the ability to walk without terrible pain. Thank you, Mama Strut!!

Cathryn B.
April 23, 2018

Just In Time

After seeing this product was covered by insurance, I quickly got in contact with my OB/GYN for a prescription and emailed it to a representative. I told them when I was going to be induced (5 days from my email) and they shipped my Mama Strut immediately. Baby had different plans and I went into labor the day after I put in my order. Fortunately, my Mama Strut had arrived in the mail just two hours before active labor started. Threw it in my hospital bag still in the mailing and was so glad to have it postpartum. The relief from the ice packs, the security in the pelvic floor, and the back/tummy support can’t be mocked by anything else! Mama Strut nailed it! Everyone keeps telling me that I don’t even look like I’d had a baby, and who wouldn’t want that!?

Whitney Ford
April 20, 2018

Amazing product

Mama Strut Real Mama Testimonial

I ordered the Mama Strut Postpartum Support System and was pleased to find out my insurance covered all of it because it is a medical device. I have AS and was terrified of delivery and recovery due to my issues with chronic pain in the low back (SI JOINTS). I had an epidural and had no pain during delivery. I started wearing the Mama Strut about 2-3 hours after delivery and all of the nurses were intrigued by the device. It kept the ice packs nice and tight to my body and really helped reduce the swelling. I am now almost 3 weeks postpartum and my belly is literally smaller than before I got pregnant! My husband and family continue to comment on how quickly my belly has shrunk and how great I look. I plan to wear the Mama Strut until at least my 6 week check up but I couldn’t be more impressed. It has also helped to prevent incontinence due to how tight it keeps your muscles when you sneeze or cough as I experienced this issue during pregnancy.

Lindsay Sherrington
April 17, 2018

Mama Strut Got Me In a Bathing Suit 3 Weeks Postpartum!

real mama Mama Strut testimonial

For my first child I didn’t have any sort of postpartum girdle. No one warns you that your insides will feel all loose & “jiggly” after birth. I also had very little muscle in my abdomen after giving birth, which made it difficult to even sit up in bed! After finding out that I was pregnant again when my first child was only 8 months old, I began researching pelvic support girdles immediately. I knew that this time around I would be on the go SO much more – and boy oh boy, I had NO idea! By the time my 2nd child arrived, my 1st was 15 months old and running EVERYWHERE. The Mama Strut gave me the support I needed to be able to not only sit up in bed without trouble, but also to chase after my first one and even sit on the ground, play with him, and stand back up with confidence! Anyone who has had a baby vaginally knows that those can all be difficult feats in the first few weeks! I was doing all of that the day that I came home from the hospital! Mama Strut also helped me to get back in to shape quicker than anything! I kept telling everyone that it “pushed everything back to where it was supposed to be – and held it there”! Mama Strut gave me the confidence to be in a bathing suit THREE WEEKS after giving birth! Absolutely amazing!! If you have ANY doubts about purchasing this miracle worker – throw those doubts out the window and buy it now!

Mercédes G
April 14, 2018

I was back into my pre pregnancy clothes 2 weeks after birth!

I’m so happy I decided to purchase the Mama strut. My baby was born on 3/13 and I was back into my pre pregnancy clothes 2 weeks after birth! I know this might not be the result for all people but I’m so happy it was the result for me. My friends and family are shocked when they see me so soon after my pregnancy with the baby bump gone!

Natasha G.
April 9, 2018

Mama Strut was a lifesaver!

My favorite thing about Mama Strut is the ice packs! I rotated them throughout the day the first two weeks and I was in heaven! My daughter came out with one hand up and scratched me up inside so I was super sore and stingy and the ice packs were a LIFESAVER!! So grateful that my OB recommended Mama Strut!

Linnea Hopper
April 3, 2018

A world of difference

Oh my goodness, where do I begin?? With my last pregnancy and birth I had a whole of of pain, from my Sciatic nerve and from tearing, that made recovery very slow. It was very difficult to keep up with a newborn and a kindergartener! This time around I knew I needed to do something different and when I saw an ad for Mama Strut I knew that was my answer! I just had baby 2 weeks ago. I put my Mama Strut on the morning after I had him and only take it off to shower. It is AMAZING! I feel very supported, held together, and it takes so much pain away. Plus my stomach has shrunk so quickly! My husband has even noticed and comments all the time! Definitely worth every penny!

Kim Kovach
March 28, 2018

Works amazing post cesarean!

I packed Mama Strut in my hospital bag and as soon as I got up and moving around baby I basically barely took it off. I continued to get some good use out of it for several weeks postpartum. It was waaaaaay better than the hospital compression bandages and they were also so easy to adjust. I liked it a little tighter when I was up moving around. It helped with incision discomfort and also support the incision from the cesarean, as well. Before finding this product, I searched around for nicer compression products for the postpartum period. I couldn’t find any that I liked as much as I liked Mama Strut!

Autumn Wake
March 19, 2018

Mary M talking about Mama Strut

“I wanted to thank you for the mama strut! It was wonderful! I kept saying I feel like something is falling out and then a few days later I received mama strut. I needed something to hold me up and the mama strut did just that. Without the mama strut it was hard to sit down due to pain and pressure making breastfeeding hard. After mama strut I was able to sit and feed my little love without pain! Thank you so much for the wonderfully designed product that truly helps with postpartum pressure and pain.”
— Mary, M

March 6, 2018

The only support you’ll need!

I tried a three-piece support and was gifted a full belly band, but both wore out and lost support when I needed it most! I purchased Mama Strut 2 weeks postpartum from my emergency c-section and I can’t believe the relief it gave my back… I wish the shorts were a little longer and more secure (stayed down instead of rolling up) because I wear it around the house all day/every day and feel bad for my partner (haha) but all in all, it really doesn’t matter that the shorts roll up a bit. I feel so much better wearing it and I hope you get it instead of wasting money on other items first, like me!

Sara Werbowski
March 6, 2018

Haley talking about Mama Strut

“Mama Strut is not just a belly band to shrink your waist, it is a serious tool that every mom must have in her hospital bag for after delivery. It was essential for all 6 weeks of my maternity leave. I would not give birth without one again”
— Haley, 2nd time mom

March 6, 2018

Avital talking about Mama Strut

“I didn’t have a Mama Strut after the birth of my first child and the first few weeks after childbirth ended up being centered around my pain management and recovery when it should have been centered around caring for my new baby. After my second child, I was gifted a Mama Strut and it was a total game changer. I started using it as soon as I came home from the hospital and immediately regretted not knowing about it earlier! Mama Strut helped me manage my pain after child birth while allowing me to move around easily which is so important when you have a new baby, and especially as a mother of two. I am so grateful there is something like this out there and that someone took the time to come up with such a thoughtful product that can help every woman interested in taking control of her after birth experience.”
— Avital Simon Gottesman

March 6, 2018

Raquel talking about Mama Strut

“The mama inventor of Mama Strut is a genius! It was amazing and so comfortable to wear. The (groin) insert for the ice pack was the best thing during recovery. I now recommend the product to all my girlfriends!”
— Raquel Dorsey, Miss California USA 2008

March 6, 2018

Rebecca talking about Mama Strut

“In my first two pregnancies I had a belly band, it was okay but this time I packed a Mama Strut and wow what a difference! It comforted all sides of my pelvis including the most sore and important — my vagina! I am so glad I found Mama Strut. Mama Strut needs to be in every hospital and birthing center in the world!”
— Rebecca, mom of 3.

March 6, 2018

Kim talking about Mama Strut

“I was so surprised that the hospital offered me nothing but pain pills and disposable underwear postpartum. Thankfully, my aunt gave me Mama Strut at my baby shower. Before giving birth I thought “what do I need this for?” But, as soon as my epidural started to wear off I couldn’t get it on fast enough. I am only 3 weeks postpartum and still hate talking it off to wash it or shower. For less than the cost of a latte a day Mama Strut is the best investment a new mom can make in her post birth recovery.”
— Kim, San Francisco

March 6, 2018

Melody talking about Mama Strut

“The Mama Strut has been a complete lifesaver in my postpartum recovery. First of all, it helped my uterus contract back down so much more quickly than if I hadn’t been using anything –we are talking 1-2 weeks rather than months! Secondly, being able to insert ice or heat packs into it was truly amazing and mode those steps in the healing and care process so much simpler and less cumbersome. And finally, when I wear it, it helps me feel like I can sit, stand, walk & move much more easily. It helps my body feel secure and less likely to fall apart! I would say that no one should go without a Mama Strut in their postpartum recovery. It’s 100% a must have for ALL mamas!”
— Melody H., Los Angeles

March 6, 2018

Lizzette talking about Mama Strut

“I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the mama strut!! I had no idea how much I would come to depend on it. I started to use it as soon as I got home from the hospital and it was instants relief. I should have brought it to the hospital but I am using it every day now. I really think this should be a must have item for every expecting mom. It helps me focus on the baby instead of the discomfort.”
— Lizzette, Venice, CA

March 6, 2018

Akiko talking about Mama Strut

“Being able to walk straight and able to wear my maternity dress confidently outside without worry helped me a lot. Also, I really loved the three straps that held the ice pack tight. The product was already nice without them but the straps made it perfect.”
— Akiko, Los Angeles

March 6, 2018

Jill (Mama Strut Founder)

Below Photos were taken of the founder of Mama Strut after delivering her 3rd child on Feb. 18, 2015 and February 20, 2015 at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, CA.

March 6, 2018

Alisa talking about Mama Strut

March 6, 2018

Lupe talking about Mama Strut

March 6, 2018

Ellie talking about Mama Strut

“I wore it the entire time I was in the hospital, and it really supported my mid-section and made it feel better. When I would take it off to use the restroom, I would feel like my middle was falling apart and I couldn’t wait to put it back on. After just 5 days with the Mama Strut, my belly was barely protruding anymore.”
— Ellie, Santa Monica

March 6, 2018

Marnette talking about Mama Strut

“I loved that it also was functional as a girdle, it helped with back support since your muscles are tired. I didn’t have to take any pain medication when I wore it and it was super comfortable”
— Marnette, Los Angeles

March 6, 2018

A total game changer

This is my third pregnancy. I had no idea how much more the third time would hurt! Ever since the beginning of the second trimester, I have felt so much pressure “down there” almost constantly that I almost feel like I’m ready to have this baby at any moment. When a friend told me about the Mama Strut, I was delighted to learn that they offered a maternity version. I ordered one right away.

Upon receiving the product, I tried it on immediately and felt the pressure disappear. This is truly a game changer. After being on my feet all day with my two older toddlers, it was such a relief to not feel the throbbing pain I had been feeling before. I can wake up in the morning and get out of bed and not want to cry. I love how each product comes with the ice/heating pack inserts that are removable and washable. So smart! Plus, the heating/ice pack feature itself is out of this world. I look forward to that moment after the kids go to bed so I have my feet up with this thing on. Whether I’m icing or heating (or neither), it’s amazing. This product has not only lowered my level of physical pain, it has decreased my emotional stress level and positively impacted my relationship with my kids and husband. I’m not cranky mom or wife anymore!

Aside from the love I feel for the product itself, I have to commend the quality of service that this company delivers to its customers. I received a leaky ice/heating pack with my Mama Strut and when I called to notify the company, the customer service representative was incredibly understanding and helpful. I received a brand new 2-pack in the mail 2 days later. Not long afterwards, I was super disappointed to discover that there was a pretty large tear in the back of my Mama Strut in a place that affected the level of compression that I needed. I sent the company an email and within an hour I received an email with tracking information for a brand new Mama Strut. It was at my door in 2 days. I’m wearing it now, and somehow it’s even more amazing than the one I received initially.

I can’t thank Mama Strut enough for creating such a life changing product. I only wish all moms with the same or similar issues could have the opportunity to own one of these.

Christine Cutting
February 12, 2018

Mama Strut Allowed Me To See My Baby

Rachel Dunn Mama Strut Testimonial

My first two pregnancies were in 2013 and 2015. My first was a natural home birth and my second was an early induced labor. My recoveries were about average. Painful, long and felt like I’d never be back to my old self again.
With my 3rd pregnancy, I was very high risk. I ended up having an emergency c-section at 28 weeks. It was very scary and my body had been through a lot of trauma including inutero blood transfusions leading up to before the c-section. I heard about Mama strut after being in bed for over a week after the c-section and immediately ordered one. I was trying to push myself to get up and walk around but I could hardly walk to the bathroom after over a week. I got my Mama Strut within days of ordering! I cannot even express how incredible it felt when I first put it on. Because I was bed ridden so bad, I wasn’t even able to go to the hospital to see my precious little baby boy in the NICU for the first 1 1/2 weeks until I got my Mama Strut! The day after I got it in the mail, I went into the NICU and even walked a lot of the way. And that day I was able to hold my baby for the very first time! I don’t know what I would’ve done without Mama Strut. It was comfortable and allowed me to do so many more things while wearing it. I would recommend this to anyone!

Rachel Dunn
February 9, 2018

The snap back was real!

Real Mama Strut Mama Postpartum

This was my first baby and I was doing all the research I possibly could. I was able to find that my insurance covered the Mama Strut and it was the best thing that I could have done. 12 hours after delivering my baby I had my husband strap me in. The only time I took it off was to shower. I wore it for 6 weeks straight. Throwing it in the washing machine was very easy, held up to about 5 washes. I loved the ice pack that came with it. We stayed in the hospital for about 36 hours after delivery and by the time we left, I was still swollen but I did not look pregnant. The swelling had subsided thanks to the Mama Strut. I recommend this to all my pregnant friends! A plus was that I delivered in August so I was able to wear the Mama Strut with a nursing bra in the hospital as well as lounging around at home with the new baby. I def felt it help with posture and pain relief, I delivered vaginally and the ice packs were very helpful. In the future even if my insurance does not cover it it is ssssooo worth the price. I was back pre-pregnancy clothing within the first month. (This is my picture in my Mama Strut 12 hours after delivery– Happy because I am a supported mama)

Josie Ramirez
January 16, 2018

A wonderful product for postpartum!!

Mama Strut product review postpartum must have

I bought this product with the hope it would help. I originally bought the wrong size but was able to return for a larger size. I’m glad I did! Comfort is a must after birth. However, I sadly forgot to bring the Mama Strut to the hospital with me! As soon as I was home though, I put it on and I felt less pressure, pain. The cooling gel packs are a plus!! I like that they are shorts and that they are stretchy. This is a postpartum must have following birth! Mama Strut is a great product and my Mama Strut will be missed now that it is packed away. Until my next pregnancy, see you soon!!

Lauren C
December 4, 2017

Mama Strut Provided Me Instant Relief

From the moment I put on my Mama Strut I felt relief. Not only was the pain gone but standing and walking was so much easier. My focus went from what was the throbbing, falling out feeling between my legs to my baby. I would have never thought Mama Strut would make me happy but it did. It completely changed my mood! Thank you Mama Strut– Tammi F.

November 17, 2017

I love my Mama Strut! Worth Every Penny!

My Mama Strut arrived the day before I was unexpectedly induced (perfect timing). I was in labor for 30 hrs and my pelvis and back felt most of the pain, and I ended up needing an emergency c-section. The hospital gave me a postpartum binder to wear while they had me try to walk around to get me recovering faster. I tried it a few times in the hospital, and then tried my Mama Strut. It was a night and day difference. The Mama Strut felt natural and supportive, while the other binder they gave me felt like I was in a body cast I couldn’t move in. My baby ended up needing to be in the NICU for a week, and the Mama Strut was the only way I was able to walk when I went to see him each day. I’m currently 2 weeks postpartum and have found that it’s hard to hold my baby and walk around because of lower back pain and lack of abdominal strength, but when I have the Mama Strut on it virtually eliminates the pain and gives me the much needed back, pelvic floor and abdomen support I need. I wear the Mama Strut to sleep because I definitely need the support getting in and out of bed, and even when I’m just sitting lounging in bed or on the couch. My Mama Strut gives me better posture, helps my back and stomach feel supported, the pelvic floor support straps help my crotch feel like it’s not going to fall out… I just love the thing. It’s been worth every penny. I plan to use it for many more weeks to come.

Monica Greye
November 17, 2017

Mama Strut saved me from SPD

When I had my first child, I didn’t have a mama strut or any postpartum support. It took me forever to feel comfortable again, I had PPD & trouble breastfeeding. Overall unfortunately it just wasn’t the best recovery experience. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I ended up with SPD the last two months so I was in excruciating pain and my doctors couldn’t even tell me if it would fix itself after birth or not. I found mama strut and ordered one right away. I put it on at the hospital after I gave birth and my recovery was a breeze. I also truly believe it was the reason my pelvis set right and I was back to normal almost immediately. Mama strut was my life saver.

Tosha Stahlecker
August 1, 2017

Mama Strut was a Lifesaver after my high risk pregnancy and labor

I was surprised at how much the mama strut support system helped with the unexpected pain, for example my post-partum back pain. I suffered the loss of use of my left leg after delivery which threw my whole back out of whack even after I regained use of my leg. The support system held my sore muscles in place which made it easier to move around. The first night after labor I cried uncontrollably because I had to rely on others to bring my son to me. I felt helpless. Then I remembered the mama strut support system and wore it from then on out which allowed me to care for my son on my own!

Edyn R.
August 1, 2017

Mama Strut Helped Me Heal

real mama strut mama testimonial review

I sustained an injury to my symphysis pubis (joint at the pubic bone) during childbirth that caused an insane amount of pain and the inability to move around for weeks. I couldn’t walk – I had to shuffle my feet to get to the bathroom. My husband had to pick up my legs and help me in and out of bed, on and off the couch and into the shower. I couldn’t get up to tend to my newborn. Along with that, I was recovering from an intense vaginal birth. It was pretty brutal – both physically and mentally.

I had purchased my Mama Strut while I was pregnant and brought it to the hospital with me. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without it. I continuously wore it every day – I even slept in it – and rotated the ice packs religiously. It provided me with so much support and I’m certain that it assisted in my healing. Most of all, it helped me mentally, to feel more confident in my movement and to feel a sense of relief allowing me to be present for my sweet little baby.

Thank you for creating the Mama Strut. I recommend it to all of my pregnant clients and friends!

Nicole Foster
August 1, 2017

Instant relief from months of pain

In my second trimester I got diagnosed with SPD. It was incredibly painful and frustrating, especially since I’m a college dance team teach coach and was hoping to continue working with my students for as long as I possibly could. I had to get one of those large obnoxious velcro belts to stabilize my hips but the pain was constant. Fast forward to the day after my little man was born; my wonderful husband prepared the Mama Strut for me to wear in the hospital (with the help of the nurses of course). The moment I put it on I felt instant relief in so many areas! Not only was the ice pack a God send on my lady parts but the heat on my lower back eased the residual SPD pain. Plus, the firm support of the wrap was just the right amount of pressure to not only help shrink my stomach back to size, but it also helped as my hips got back into place. So many benefits from a single item ~ I highly recommend the Mama Strut to all mamas-to-be <3

Michele M
August 1, 2017

Holding yourself together

I healed a lot faster this pregnancy better than last I wished I knew about this with my first would have been nice. I honestly tell any mom I can about this so they have the information about it

Kari Pugh
August 1, 2017

Got my pre-pregnancy body back

real mama strut mama

I am loving Mama Strut..I recommend it to all new moms that I meet..I am a first time mom and found out about Mama Strut through a friend…was super excited to use it,because my belly got ginormous at the end of my pregnancy…I mean..I was huge…I have pictures to prove haha…I said goodbye to my old body…But Mother Nature is an amazing thing…It has been 9 months and I almost back to where I was…I do not work out…I do though eat really healthy,but more like how I was eating during pregnancy…One of the most important things is pulling the abdominal muscles back to place.You cant really work out or do much until they are back in place.And that is what Mama Strut is mainly for:)

Vlada Strange
August 1, 2017

Super helpful!

At first I was nervous about putting on my Mama Strut with my c-section incision. I didn’t know at the time that I could get a silicone cover to add more protection to it. Once I did put on my Mama Strut, about a week about a week after birth, I wished I had put it on sooner! I was amazed at how quickly my stomach healed and returned to pre-pregnancy size! After having 5 babies, my stomach hadn’t been that size in so long! It was also great support for recovering from a c-section and I didn’t go a day without it until my stomach was strong enough. I can’t say enough about this product!

Abigail D
August 1, 2017