Billing through Insurance- Mama Strut by PELV-ICE
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Mama Strut Insurance Coverage

Our company manufactures the Mama Strut, a product that’s able to be billed through insurance. We’ve worked hard to build partnerships and educate the healthcare system about the need for postpartum support so that mamas can get their brace covered by insurance. While our company cannot bill your insurance, many mamas have been able to successfully do so by following the below steps. Please note: prescriptions and/or medical forms should not be sent to us but to the appropriate party listed under the option you feel is best for you.

Which coverage option is best for you?

  • Less than 1 month until you’re due? Scroll down to the Reimbursement section of this page for further info.
  • Do you have at least 1 month until your due date? If so, scroll down to the Our Insurance Partners section of this page. Click the button titled Partners. You’ll be directed to a list that details the plans our insurance partners are able to bill.
    • If you see your plan listed: Click on the italicized name of the insurance partner under which you see your plan listed – you’ll be directed to their website so that you can contact our partner directly…they will assist in getting you your Mama Strut through insurance.
    • If you don’t see your plan listed: Scroll down to the Reimbursement section of this page for further info.
  • Tricare Patient? Scroll down to the Tricare section of this page for further info.

**If you have an HSA or FSA account attached to your insurance plan, you can purchase a Mama Strut from our site and use your HSA/FSA card at checkout**


Your due date is less than a month away OR you clicked the Partners button and didn’t see your plan listed? You may be eligible to submit for reimbursement. Here’s how:

  • Give your insurance provider a call and ask if they reimburse for code L8310 – If they do, ask what forms they require you to submit for reimbursement…at the very least, they’ll need a prescription and an invoice.
  • The required prescription form is below – click the button titled Download Rx for Reimbursement and send it to your doctor/medical provider to complete.
  • Once your insurance provider has confirmed they reimburse for the code L8310, order your Mama Strut from our shop page. You’ll receive an invoice in your order.
  • Your order invoice, along with the completed Rx from your doctor/medical provider (and any other necessary forms!), should be submitted directly to your insurance provider.

Download Rx for Reimbursement

Your insurance provider may request the following info when you contact them regarding reimbursement submission:

PELV-ICE Tax ID # 46-4227793      PELV-ICE NPI # 119 419 7780


Please contact our Tricare Partners directly to inquire about Tricare coverage.

Hometown Medical

Our Insurance Partners

We have compiled a list of partners that may be able to help you with billing insurance based on your plan. Click the Partners button below…if you see your plan listed, you’ll need to contact the partner directly. You can do so by clicking on the italicized name of the insurance partner under which you see your plan – you’ll then be directed to their website where you can find their contact info.