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A Rainbow After Loss

By Katie Wolf / September 30, 2019

Rainbows remind us that there is hope and beauty after a storm. It is no wonder why the term rainbow baby is used for babies born after a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. It is fitting that meteorologist Dylan Dreyer publicly announce that her recent pregnancy is going to give her a lovely rainbow baby! […]

Postpartum Depression Information Sheet

By Anna Pederson / May 17, 2019

Being able to distinguish between normal stress and depression can be a challenge. Knowing what to look and listen for in your own thoughts and mood before you give birth can lead to early detection or even prevention. The earlier PPD is recognized, the better the treatment results.

Does Postpartum Pain Put You at Risk for Depression?

By Anna Pederson / May 17, 2019

Postpartum depression affects 1 in 9 women according to the Center for Disease Control. Risk factors include traumatic birth, a preterm baby, history of depression, or low social support. It is a serious condition that many women suffer through silently and alone.

The Link Between Postpartum Pain and Depression

By Anna Pederson / October 22, 2018

Does Postpartum Pain Put You at Risk for Depression? New Research Shows Postpartum Depression May be Caused by Postpartum Pain Childbirth is a natural process, but the resulting pain associated with delivery is leading researchers to conclude that the ties between postpartum depression and postpartum pain are stronger than previously thought. A new study presented […]