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Healing Like an Athlete (Without Opioids)

By Katie Wolf / November 30, 2021

Healing Like an Athlete Painkillers are prescribed to new mamas for anything from perineal tears to C-section incisions. The potential for developing a habit is huge and spikes every day you use them. Abuse, addiction, and even death are all part of the opioid epidemic that is spreading worldwide. According to the National Institute on […]

Postpartum Health Must Haves

By Katie Wolf / July 15, 2021

How will pregnancy and birth change my body? This is one of the big questions EVERYONE asks. This is a fair question because although it is a natural process, we aren’t meant to “bounce back” to the way we were before. Having a baby changes you permanently and can leave you with side effects or […]

Get Off the Island: Reaching beyond the internet for pregnancy support

By Melissa Pshuidakis / March 2, 2020

Among a 2020 mama’s slew of parenting choices is the way she chooses to approach prenatal care and giving birth. If you’ve ever watched a piece of film set back even just a hundred years, you know that not long ago, choices really weren’t a thing. There may have been a doctor or midwife attending […]

Are Pregnant Women At Risk of Heart Disease?

By Melissa Pshuidakis / March 2, 2020

A new study is claiming that just under 5% of all pregnant women have a healthy heart. Even more alarming, a majority of pregnant women at risk of heart disease won’t know it until it’s too late.  The study was conducted by Northwestern Medicine researchers that used 15 years of data collected by the National […]

The Opioid Crisis: Postpartum Care Is Even More Crucial

By Melissa Pshuidakis / February 11, 2020

When people think of the marathon that is pregnancy, the delivery of the baby is so often thought of as the finish line. But delivery is not the finish line. As most women who have given birth and care to an infant can attest, those postpartum months are not for the faint of heart.  Aside […]

6 Truths About Waist Training Your Postpartum Body

By Melissa Pshuidakis / February 11, 2020

As with so many other topics, the general population has strong opinions about childbearing and all that goes with it. Natural or with drugs? At home or at the hospital? Formula or breastmilk? Let your body do its thing or whip it back into shape? There’s usually a choice, and …. sigh … there are […]

California Law Rallies Postpartum Support (really) for Women

By Melissa Pshuidakis / February 11, 2020

By January, women could have access to more postpartum support than ever … literally. A new bill has hit the floors of the California state government calling for all health care plans to include coverage for post-pregnancy pelvic floor physical therapy as early as January 2021.  Assembly Bill (AB) 1904 was introduced by Assemblywoman Tasha […]

Holiday Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

By Katie Wolf / December 11, 2019

Food is a big part of the holidays, but you may need to avoid some of your favorite foods during this holiday season to keep your baby safe. Your immune system is weaker right now, making you vulnerable to some food-borne illnesses that can cross into your placenta and hurt the baby, so even though […]

Alcohol and Breastfeeding

By Melissa Pshuidakis / December 10, 2019

You have had your baby and you can finally return to enjoying the food and drinks you have not been able to have for the last nine months. One question many new mothers ask is if it is okay for them to drink alcohol while they are breastfeeding. Can You Drink While Breastfeeding? According to […]

Choosing Not to Breastfeed

By Melissa Pshuidakis / December 6, 2019

Not every woman is comfortable breast feeding, some have trouble doing it and others do not want to for their own reasons. Any woman who admits that she does not want to breastfeed is going to feel pressured by her friends, family, and even doctors for it. Unfortunately, this is another aspect of pregnancy that […]