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Comfortably Healed from C Section

Staying fit and healthy has been a daily life goal before and during pregnancy. With this being my first pregnancy, I researched the best ways to take care of myself not only during pregnancy but also after because in order to be the best Mama for my little one I must take care of myself. I purchased Mama Strut to help me in caring for myself as best as possible. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea how my body would react to 9 months of change, labor and delivery, and recovery. I ended up having a scheduled c-section due to having a breech baby. I was able to wear my Mama Strut 3 days after delivery, which was the day we were released to go home. My doctor and nurses were amazed at how well I was getting around and shocked I wasn’t needing anything but a low dose of ibuprofen to manage my pain. I had been warned that the first car ride is the hardest but Mama Strut made the ride feel comfortable and pain free. It sat high enough from my surgical site that I didn’t have to worry about it being rubbed. I had intentions of wearing it everyday throughout the night but due to a tummy rash I ended up getting from an allergic reaction to some medicine, I was only able to wear my Mama Strut for 4-5 hours each day. I’m two weeks postpartum and my waistline is 5 inches away from my pre-pregnancy measurements. I also believe wearing this has helped the fluid release faster from my body allowing me to drop 20 lbs of the 30 that I gained in just two weeks time. Mama Strut helped me feel myself, care for myself without pain medicines, and care for my little one without fighting pain. I highly recommend Mama Strut!

About Mama Strut

Mama Strut is devoted to revolutionizing postpartum healthcare and ensuring that all mamas are supported during the crucial 4th trimester. Our knowledge center is the hub for resources during postpartum and maternity. We're wishing you happy, healthy delivery and postpartum journey!

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