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Immense help after childbirth injury

I thought I was prepared for childbirth. I ran through my entire pregnancy, took a holistic birth class, and did acupressure therapy. In the end, there was no way to prepare for it – my labor lasted 57 hours, with 3 1/2 hours of pushing and ultimately a vacuum assist. In the days following, I focused on my precious healthy baby and disregarded the pain and difficulty moving. I expected a rough recovery after such a rough labor. After the first week, however, I knew something was wrong. I could barely get out of bed, much less move around the house or carry my son. Thankfully I had a lot of support from family and friends, most notably my husband who was up with me for every feed and diaper change. I discovered the mama strut at 2 weeks post-partum and it changed everything. I was finally able to carry my baby and carry our normal every-day tasks. I was still struggling with sitting, standing or walking for prolonged periods. It wasn’t until my son was 2 months that I had the appropriate scans and was diagnosed with pubic symphisis dysfunction (separated pubic bone), athletic pubalgia (damage to the muscles connecting to the pubic bone) and a stress reaction in the bone. I’m now 5 months post-partum and still wearing the mama strut every day to support both the muscles and bones in that area. My next step is regenerative injection therapy to hopefully speed up the recovery process. I was not aware of any of these complications as a result of childbirth and still find that there are very few resources available. I can only hope that moms continue to share their stories and spread the word about the Mama Strut, which can be so helpful regardless of whether you have an injury.

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Mama Strut is devoted to revolutionizing postpartum healthcare and ensuring that all mamas are supported during the crucial 4th trimester. Our knowledge center is the hub for resources during postpartum and maternity. We're wishing you happy, healthy delivery and postpartum journey!

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