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After seeing this product was covered by insurance, I quickly got in contact with my OB/GYN for a prescription and emailed it to a representative. I told them when I was going to be induced (5 days from my email) and they shipped my Mama Strut immediately. Baby had different plans and I went into labor the day after I put in my order. Fortunately, my Mama Strut had arrived in the mail just two hours before active labor started. Threw it in my hospital bag still in the mailing and was so glad to have it postpartum. The relief from the ice packs, the security in the pelvic floor, and the back/tummy support can’t be mocked by anything else! Mama Strut nailed it! Everyone keeps telling me that I don’t even look like I’d had a baby, and who wouldn’t want that!?

About Mama Strut

Mama Strut is devoted to revolutionizing postpartum healthcare and ensuring that all mamas are supported during the crucial 4th trimester. Our knowledge center is the hub for resources during postpartum and maternity. We're wishing you happy, healthy delivery and postpartum journey!

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