Billing through Insurance- Mama Strut by PELV-ICE
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Mama Strut Insurance Coverage

Mama Strut may be covered by your insurance plan. We’ve worked hard to educate the healthcare system about the need for postpartum support and have built partnerships so mamas can get their brace through insurance.

Your Brace Can Still Be Covered!

Mama Strut is reimbursable by most insurance plans. Download a prescription form here.

  • Contact your insurance provider directly and ask if they reimburse for code E1399. 
  • Find out what forms you need to submit along with your Mama Strut invoice and completed Rx from your doctor/medical provider, submit everything to your insurance provider.

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We are also partnered with Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers who are able to bill insurance. A list of our partners and the insurance plans they cover is here.

Your insurance provider may request the following info when you contact them:

PELV-ICE Tax ID # 46-4227793            PELV-ICE NPI # 119 419 7780