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Best postpartum tool ever!

I started seeing ads for the Mama Strut as soon as I signed up for pregnancy apps. The ads got me thinking and so I did some research and decided that mesh hospital underwear were not going to cut it for my recovery. I invested in the Mama Strut using my HSA (awesome bonus). I had a 43 hour labor and delivery that was the complete opposite of my birth plan (I stayed flexible and still enjoyed my experience, just learned my first lesson of parenthood- you can’t control everything and you have to roll with the punches). I ended up with a small amount of tearing and stitches. I started using the Mama Strut immediately after delivery. The nurses had never seen it and were super impressed. They had seen separate compression shorts and belly binders, but never a combined garment. It made it so much easier when they needed to help me to the bathroom and when checking on my recovery. They were also so impressed with how fast it helped my uterus recover and contract. My swelling went down significantly before I even left the hospital. I felt secure in it and it helped me move and breastfeed better because it gave me stability and support. I also felt more comfortable having visitors because I wasn’t worried my giant pad or ice pack was going to fall out if I moved around. I am 3 weeks postpartum today and still wearing it everyday and night while I recover. I was even back in my pre-pregnancy jeans by week 2 thanks to Mama Strut! I highly recommend!!

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Mama Strut is devoted to revolutionizing postpartum healthcare and ensuring that all mamas are supported during the crucial 4th trimester. Our knowledge center is the hub for resources during postpartum and maternity. We're wishing you happy, healthy delivery and postpartum journey!

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