I’m so in love with this product and I really hope more women choose to use it | PELV-ICE LLC.
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I’m so in love with this product and I really hope more women choose to use it

My baby had a bit of a hard time in his first few days which required me to be a lot more mobile the what is recommended for a brand new Mom and this brace has played a big role in my ability to care for my little man. The first major help was the abdominal/back support it offers, i put it on right after delivery and it made a major difference in how hollow my abdomen felt and prevented me from over working my abs. The next day I noticed how effective it was at preventing/eliminating swelling with the compression straps and ice packs which were applied and used through the first 18ish hours. After that I stopped using the ice and completion on my stitches so that I wouldn’t inhibit blood flow as the athletic shorts offer enough general compression to be sufficient. Every time I have opened it, it closes a little tighter each time, continuing to support my back and my abs and my vaginal area.

I sleep in it most nights and it’s perfectly comfortable and allows me to have support with all he up and down and tossing and turning that happens.

It is day three and I’m so in love with this product and I really hope more women choose to use it because I have found it immensely helpful and plan on using it with every baby I ever have.

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