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Must Have for Postpartum!

One of my must-haves for postpartum: this Mama Strut maternity belt. I started wearing it a couple days after giving birth. As you grow a human- your skin stretches, your insides move around to make room, your belly expands. Once your tiny human arrives, your body works to move back in its original position. This maternity belt provides great compression to hold everything in place and jump start bringing everything back together. It also makes me feel really secure and steady when I’m trying to go easy on my abdomen with a healing c-section scar. And even as my body is feeling more and more normal 4 weeks out – it’s giving me great stability as I’ve been introducing more complex movements and light lifting back into my routine. Such a great recovery tool!

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Mama Strut is devoted to revolutionizing postpartum healthcare and ensuring that all mamas are supported during the crucial 4th trimester. Our knowledge center is the hub for resources during postpartum and maternity. We're wishing you happy, healthy delivery and postpartum journey!

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