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The During Pregnancy Support System is SO AMAZING

Let’s be real — no one really prepares you for the aches & pains that come from that amazing growing belly — the back pain, sciatica pain… THE CRAZY PELVIC PAIN. It’s makes everyday tasks just so much more difficult & painful.

The During Pregnancy Support System is SO AMAZING because it supports me in all the right places — & ***BONUS*** — it has attachable pieces that hold ice/heat packs (included) in place for my back and pelvic bone… which is perfect to have at night trying to get comfy or while I’m doing things around the house.

As someone who has dealt with & suffering from SPD (Symphis Pubis Dysfunction), or also commonly known as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), I was always on the lookout for products (other than pain meds) to help me with the pain & discomfort that goes along with that — as well as give my tummy the support that it needs throughout the day.

SPD is caused by an excess amount of relaxin in your system, which causes your hip & pelvic ligaments to loosen too early in pregnancy — & even though it’s needed for your hips to allow baby to pass through it can make everyday activities super painful. When that happens, it causes that wrenching pain that makes you feel like your pelvis is being torn apart, & in turn, back pain from it having to take over a lot of the support and stress.

SPD is one of the most misdiagnosed or undiagnosed pregnancy symptom. Many people just wave it to the side & chalk it up to “pregnancy pains”… but after a lot of research I found that this just isn’t true. There’s things to help alleviate the pain & make pregnancy SO MUCH easier on your body. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made in my daily routine. It should definitely be on every mama’s PregnancyMustHave list!

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